Inez Kuijt NAiVE ART

When I began to paint at the age of 32, I tried to make realistic paintings. But that was not a success. I couldn't get the perspective right and the paintings looked far from realistic. To be honest they didn't look like anything at all.

I found my own style what seems to be the naive style (self taught), which in fact I have loved from the age of 18. This style gives me the opportunity to (re)create the world the way I like it; less cars, no pollution, no discrimination, where children are happy and animals well-treated. I know it's not very realistic, but that's what makes painting in this style so attractive. For a while you don't have to be realistic and you are allowed to dream and fantasize as you like.

I like painting winter scenes the most. When it snows the atmosphere changes. The world looks beautiful covered with a thick pack of snow. Snow makes people happy, children enjoy playing in it and even dogs are excited about it.

I hope in the future to make many new paintings and I hope that they will give you as much pleasure to look at, as it gives me to paint them.


António Teodósio
2 years ago

Inez Kuijt is an excellent artist who has her own style. Her paintings are like a dream, full of light, color and joy. In her paintings we can see the wonderful person who is the artist Inez kuijt.

2 years ago

Your art is incredible! It's is magical and and the stories your art tells are delightful and happy. Really beautiful style and intricate as there is such great detail to each art piece. I enjoy the scenes you create - especially the ones with animals!

2 years ago

Ma chère Inez, ton parcours est très étonnant. Ton but de créer ton univers afin de nous divertir et de nous rendres heureux est mission accomplie. Entrer dans ton univers nous ramène à notre propre univers d’enfant. Merci de me permettre de rêver ❤️

2 years ago

I love your story and your art, Inez! Thanks to you and your paintings I also can leave reality and live for a short time in a more beautiful and peaceful world! Thank you for that!

2 years ago

Your art brings such wonder and enjoyment to all who see it. You have such a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. Can’t wait to see your future work.

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