Customized Artwork

If you would like to have a pet/animal added to one of my Art prints at Redbubble, please contact me here.
The pets/animals are drawn digitally, but I make it look like real paint :).

NOTE: I am not a realistic painter, so it will be painted in my naive style :).

The price per pet/animal is €20.
It takes at least 4 hours of painting, plus digital adjustments to the print itself.

NOTE: This €20 is on top of the price for the regular Art print on Redbubble. The payment option for the personalized pet/animal is PayPal.
The money for the personalized pet can be payed (by Paypal), after I showed you the result.

When you are happy with the result and I have received the money for the pet/animal, I will make a special post for you on Redbubble, so you can purchase your personalized print.

The print you only can pay by the Redbubble payment options.
The personalized pet you only can pay through Paypal, to me personally :). You don’t need to have a Paypal account yourself. I can send you request and you can pay it without logging in.

There are more options (mugs, tote bags, stickers etc. on Redbubble, to which I can add your personalized design). It depends on the size, if this is possible. That will not cost extra money, only the normal price of the items on Redbubble. So you only pay once for your personalization.

The art prints are limited in size, I will give your that information before I am going to design it, it depends on the Art print (painting) you choose. Most prints are 30x30 cm/ 12x12 inches.

With this link you can send me your photos:


You can click on the link for explanation, it is very easy and safe.

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